Music Parii

Music – #1 | Papiro by Parii

The first music piece of the site. Its a beats mixup from Parii, the emerging DJ, so get ready to get jammed on. ~Parii For a full version of this click the link below to download the mp3: Papiro – Parii   DOWNLOAD Comment below if the download links are working fine. Comment on the song […]

Ashad Poetry

Poem – #24 | Wonders

My Wonder Sometimes I wonder,Why don’t I flip off a tall building?Why don’t I fall down from a cliff?Why don’t I cut on the both sides of my lips? So that it always feels like I am smiling, I don’t have tell people I am not crying, I am happy, and the scars will be […]

Art Sahil

Artwork – #9 | By Sahil

Go Team Marvel !! His name is Sahil. An excellent artist of Black and White.  Truly fascinating his sketches are, here are some of  his works. ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ᗻ ~Sahil

Art Nasrin

Artwork – #8 | By Nasrin

Dark was her pencil, dark were her thoughts, dark were her motives, dark were her strokes. An artist who plays with dark here to offer a bit of her darkness. ㄭ ㄭ ㄭ ㄭ ㄭ ~Nasrin

Art Eshika

Artwork – #7 | By Eshika Pt.2

When this girl gets a bit of colour she turns imagination into reality. A monochrome girl with a colourful taste, here’s Eshika to mesmerize with yet another of her collection. ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ~Eshika

Nischay Photography

Photography – #10 | By Nischay

And now comes Nischay’s Photography.  A young enthusiastic, amateur photographer. He’s doing quite well. The following pictures will show you his works.

Aaditya Photography

Photography – #9 | By Aaditya

The art that will follow is unique. How unique? Very unique, as these pictures are all of the skies, the beautiful and vibrant skies.Aaditya Chettri has truly mastered this genre of photography.

Photography Pragyan

Photography – #8 | By Pragyan

Only pictures can do it – Making faded moments refreshing, bring joy to a sad person and express the truth in an excellent manner. Pragyan has truly expressed to the world his skills through his photography. ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢

Ashad Poetry

Poem- #23 | To Dearest Mom

Dear Mom I see you caring for me even when I hated you,Staying awake all those nights when I was in agony;And even in my worst timesYou were the one who gave me the strength,To wear the brightest smile on my face. Dear Mom,  In the freaking cold winters You were the one to make […]

Photography Prashant

Photography – #7 | By Prashant

Photography in the dark. Prashant (also called James Stick) has mastered this genre of photography! The proof? Well you can see it below. 𐐅 𐐅 𐐅 𐐅 𐐅 𐐅 𐐅 𐐅 𐐅 ~Prashant